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Social Media Artwork

Modern! Stylish! Entirely memorable!

Social Media Artwork is a must when stepping up your marketing. Supercharge your social media marketing with big, beautiful and engaging cover photos. You want to be seen as a professional.

You want people to see you as a “credible” person in your industry. You want to elevate other people’s perception of you. And, most of all, you want to attract more people to do business with you.

The best and fun way to do this? Use killer cover photo designs that leave a lasting impression! Take this chance to reach new audiences, connect with your fans, share your story and showcase what you’ve got to offer. And remember, it takes only 7 seconds for someone to form a first impression, so you need to act quickly and use those first few seconds wisely to convince them that you are the best there is.

Power up your Facebook business page with a super cover photo!

Why do you want a unique cover photo??? Because you want to stand out from the crowd. Because you want to look authentic. Because you want to let people know what your business is all about – in an irresistible way. Because you want more fans – and you eventually want to convert your fans into customers (or subscribers). And, last but by no means least, because you want to be memorable.

These should be enough reasons to let us help you make a visual impact on your visitors and encourage them to act with a top-quality and uniquely customised Facebook cover photo!



  1. The design brief: Before we start a project we need to know exactly what you need, i.e. Who is your target market? What message do you want to convey? What kind of dimensions do you want? Is there a specific budget? Is there a deadline? Can you provide examples of the kind of thing you are thinking of? Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?
  2. Creating an outline: We will create and present an outline of the social media artwork design based on the information we received from the design brief.
  3. Design: We will then create a comprehensive draft of the design based on the agreed outlines and send it to you for your evaluation.
  4. Client feedback: We will then liaise with you, listen to your comments, and make any necessary changes.
  5. Final design: After making the required changes we will send the design to you for your final approval.
  6. Delivery: We will then fully finalise the design and deliver it to you.



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