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Google AdWords (Pay Per Click) 

Google Adwords offers Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for text ads and Cost Per Thousand advertising for image ads.

We can set the cost you are willing to pay per click, as well as the budget per day or per ad. The same applies to Cost Per Thousand, where we select the amount you are willing to pay per 1,000 impressions.

With Adwords we can create a selection of keyword phrases, and set a campaign with various options, e.g. countries, times, dates, devices, etc. In this way we target your direct users.

Google’s text advertisements are short, consisting of two headlines with 30 characters each and two additional text lines consisting of up to 80 characters, with some interesting Adwords extensions.

We also make use of all the extensions Google has to offer, such as sitelink, location, phone, price and many more.

AdWords Benefits

  • You will attract customers instantly.

  • You will be advertised at the top of page 1 of Google with customised keywords and keyphrases.

  • You will control your advertising costs.

  • You will be put in touch with your direct target market.

  • We will take various search options into account.

  • You will pay only when your site is clicked on.

  • If you wish you can receive full AdWords reports.



Brand Me Co. uses a tested, proven approach to Google AdWords advertising, including setting up, optimising and providing ongoing management of your campaign.

  1. Planning and research: We identify your advertising goals, analyse your website and those of your competitors, and perform scientific keyword research.
  2. Campaign configuration: We structure your campaign in the best way for optimal targeting, management and measurement. We ensure that your keywords, ads and landing pages work together to achieve the results you want.
  3. Writing ads: We write a range of clear and compelling ads. We create multiple ads for every concept and split-test them to ensure that we use the most effective ones.
  4. Landing pages: We ensure that your landing pages are ideal to maximise conversions from the traffic that your campaign generates.
  5. Installing tracking: We set up AdWords and Analytics reporting tools to analyse your campaign’s performance. This includes advanced goal, conversion, and e-commerce tracking so that our decisions and reporting to you are based on what is actually working to earn you conversions and profits.
  6. Bid management: We manage your bids on an ongoing basis to obtain the best value and ad positions. For larger campaigns we use automated bid management to ensure that you are always paying the lowest amount for the maximum number of conversions.
  7. Tracking and reporting: We track the results and provide you with accurate and easy-to-understand reports.
  8. Ongoing optimisation: We adjust, test and refine the campaign regularly until you achieve the return on your investment that you want.



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