Document Formatting

We are professionals in Document Formatting. We transform your Microsoft Word ® or PowerPoint text to create attractive documents with clean, consistent text, numbering, bulleted points, headings, tables, graphics, headers, tables of contents and references.

We are experts at giving your document the professional, perfect finish that will make an excellent impression every time.

For a document to really make an impact it needs to look polished and professional. A well-structured proposal will keep your customer focused on the message, a stylish marketing document will promote your brand more effectively, an organised operations manual will be easier for your staff to use, and a consistently formatted legal document will be easier to reference.

But getting the appearance just right will often take time you often just don’t have. Let us take care of your document presentation — we’re fast and we’re good. It’s our business.

Do you want to send out your document like this:

Or like this: