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Customised Logo

Why you should choose a customised Logo? Your company’s logo is its trademark and is much more than just a visual graphic to represent and identify your business.

Your logo as a key element of your corporate identity

Your logo is a key element of your business’s overall corporate identity and therefore a representation of your company’s unique qualities, values and character. Far beyond the merely visual, the entire construction of this symbol and the logo design process is aimed at creating a vibrant link to your brand, product and/or service.

Because of this, the correct positioning and careful creation of such a key identification mark are what distinguish one brand from another and one business from another.

However, you should remember that this emblem does not make a company. It is critical, yet is merely the “introducer” of the company’s brand, products and/or services – which form the basis of the company’s perceived status and quality in its market. As a key first step, the response to your company’s image created by your logo is what brings clients into your business, then the customer experience that you provide takes over and clinches the deal for you.

A “WOW” factor logo is a must!

Like a masterful piece of artwork, the ideal logo design etches itself into your memory. When designing a logo we choose colours, shapes, forms and graphics that will make your brand stand out.

At Brand Me Co. our team of creative experts will guide you through the process of producing an ideal corporate trademark that will ultimately be the visual symbol that will link you to consumers.

When creating your unique logo, we consider its relevance to your specific industry, how identifiable it is, and whether it is easy to recall, simple and elegant – yet simultaneously timeless and impactful.

Before beginning the design process, we first listen carefully to you. We research your company’s history and main competitors to gain a thorough understanding of the perfect positioning for your brand in the market.

We also offer a revamping service where you don’t pay for an entirely new logo, but we build on your existing trademark and modernise it so that it stays relevant as your company evolves and grows within its market from year to year.



  1. The design brief: Before we start a project we need to know exactly what you need, i.e. Who is your target market? What message do you want to convey? What kind of dimensions do you want? Is there a specific budget? Is there a deadline? Can you provide examples of the kind of thing you are thinking of? Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?
  2. Creating an outline: We will create and present an outline of the logo design based on the information we received from the design brief.
  3. Design: We will then create a comprehensive draft of the design based on the agreed outlines and send it to you for your evaluation.
  4. Client feedback: We will then liaise with you, listen to your comments, and make any necessary changes.
  5. Final design: After making the required changes we will send the design to you for your final approval.
  6. Delivery: We will then fully finalise the design and deliver it to you.



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